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Having a professional network is a vital ingredient to success in our industry, and not just because we refer out inquiries where we’re already booked (although that’s a big, obvious benefit). But if you ask your prospective wedding photographer, “What happens if you’re not able to make it due to an accident or crisis?” you want to hear a good back up plan. I got a call from a frantic couple whose photographer was in a roll-over on his way into town for their engagement shoot, and the local network kicked in for an emergency last-minute replacement. I was able to arrive at the location and get straight to work capturing beautiful images of this couple so much in love. By the end of the night, we had all relaxed and created a beautiful experience at several local spots: Jo’s Coffee and the now famous I Love You So Much red lettering mural on the big green wall, the Texas State Capitol, and the Barton Creek Greenbelt. We were able to capture their personality due to good preparation on their part and the part of the photographer for insisting the EMT text the couple even from his gurney. This is not the first time I’ve filled in due to a car accident or family crisis, it won’t be the last, and it’s nice to know that my fellow photographers are capable of stepping up when someday tragedy strikes me as well. Kudos to all the couples who were nervous at the last-minute change of plans when I showed up instead of whom they were expecting, yet were able to take comfort in the back-up plan working, and getting great images from their special day.

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