Wedding Photography Packages

updated Aug 2015


Life is complicated. I keep things simple for your dream wedding. After years of photographing weddings, you create your own custom package with what’s most important to you. Choose your number of hours, budget. and products, including package discounts. I include a large wall canvas and 2nd photographer with every package!

You decide, or ask me for suggestions. And i don’t make you email me to find out any super secret prices, either.

Choose the photographer hours, then choose the products you care about most. You’ll get actual products, albums and gallery wall art, not just a DVD you’ll never get around to doing anything with! Yeah, I was a bride too. I remember how it really is with the never getting around to printing an album, so as a wedding photographer now, I make that easy from the start.

No stuck-up wrap you in mystique with sneaky upselling going on here. You want professional, romantic, breathtaking wedding photos and albums with pricing for real people, so look no further. Sorry, you do need to look down, actually; might take a little scrolling…there you go.

I’m usually running specials from discounts, free product, or even drawings for free weddings, so check out my Specials to keep your budget under control without sacrificing quality.


All weddings are photographed by me personally, include travel to the Austin/San Antonio metro areas, and reasonable Photoshop magic, but the *@#! Texas 8.25% sales tax is not included.

Create Your Custom Wedding Photography Package

I’m not here to tell you what you want on your wedding day. Even years of experience don’t mean I’m the boss! Your dream wedding is within reach whether you’re on a tight budget or have big plans. Use a la carte products to make it happen, the sky is the limit!

Suggested Packages

Use these popular combinations, or build your own using a la carte discounts
All packages photographed by me personally, and include 2nd photographer and large wall canvas

Basic Package

4 hours wedding photographer $200/hr  $800

2nd photographer included

Small Album $400

Digital Negatives (w/ Small Album discount) $500

16×20 large wall canvas included

a la carte total $1700
15% package discount $1445

Standard Package

6 hours wedding photographer $200/hr  $1200

2nd photographer included

1 portrait sessions (engagement, bridal, boudoir) $200

Small Album $400

Digital Negatives w/ Small Album discount $500

16×20 large wall canvas included

a la carte total $2300
20% package discount $1840

Deluxe Package

8 hours wedding photographer $200/hr  $1600

2nd photographer included

2 portrait sessions (engagement, bridal, boudoir) $300

4 hours videography $200/hr $800

Large Album $900

Digital Negatives w/ Large Album discount included

16×20 large wall canvas included

a la carte total $3600
25% package discount $2700

Mini Package

Perfect for elopements, or ceremony-only coverage

2 hours wedding photographer $200/hr  $400

2nd photographer included

Digital Negatives 50 at $10/ea $500

16×20 large wall canvas included

a la carte total $900

Build Your Own Custom Wedding Photography Package

Package discounts 15% for over $1000, 20% for over $2000, 25% off for over $3000, 30% off for over $4000
Add up your time and products, apply the package discount, so you control your needs and budget.

Wedding Photographer Hours

Wedding Photographer $200/hr (2-hour minimum ~60-100 edited photos per hour)
Includes primary and secondary photographers

Wedding Videographer $200/hr (2-hour minimum)
Includes 5-15 minute edited wedding video

3rd photographer or videographer $50/hr

Wedding Photo Products

Albums & Prints

Album purchases give discounts on digital negative purchases

Large $900
up to 50-page, 100-layout hardbound album

Medium $600
up to 25-page, 50-layout hardbound album

Small $400
10-page, 20-layout hardbound album

Large 16×20 wall canvas $300


1-2 hour portrait session (engagement, bridal, after honeymoon, boudoir, 1st anniversary) with downloadable digital photos $200, 2 for $300

Digital Negatives &  Video

250-800 Digital images downloadable with print release, archived 2 years $1000
($400 with purchase of full-size wedding album, $600 with purchase of small album)

Individual digital negatives up to 100 $10/ea, 101-299 $8/ea

Commemorative photo DVD $100
Commemorative photo musical slideshow DVD $200

Custom photo montage/collage digital file $300

Full length edited wedding video $2000

Commercial usage release $1000

Unreasonable Photoshop magic (dream big, I’m a Photoshop wizard) by quote
Custom products and prints by quote


Please Contact me to verify your date is available, then we can make arrangement to pay your deposit by PayPal, credit card, cash or check in person, or check by mail.

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