Holly & Jeff | Backyard | Austin Wedding Photography












140405-wedding-photography-Austin-photographers-camerasHolly and Jeff shared an intimate, stylishly casual wedding at Holly’s sister’s home in central Austin. Surrounded by their family and friends, their sons stood up with them on the beautiful covered front porch. And of course, I always love my second shooter capturing me “chimping” at the back of my camera with the paparazzi!

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More Than You Want to Know About Emma & Troy | Austin Wedding Photographers

131117-powell-wedding-photographer-headshotThis the part where I’m supposed introduce myself (hi, I’m Emma,) and talk about the first time my dad taught me to use his totally manual Pentax K1000 camera, or that I enjoy sewing and camping as hobbies. Or why we love living in Austin (because it’s Keepin’ Us Weird, duh.) But what does that mean for your wedding? Nothing.

The only reason you’re reading this is because you want to find out if I’m going to make you look amazing, and not a pain-in-the-butt to work with me. I’m outspoken but an introvert, mother of six homeschooled kids on a homestead. So I’m refreshingly not full of crap. That means that when I need to step up and take over in my loud, no-nonsense Nazi voice to make Auntie Bertha get in the family photo, I’m more than equipped to make that happen. It also means that I can just as easily enter stealth ninja mode to quietly capture your personalities in the full emotions of your romance, looking amazing at your own wedding.

Because I grew up as that artsy-fartsy kid with a background in graphic art and design before taking up photography, I have the eye and experience needed to skillfully capture all the feelings and details of your day. So you get to feel like a princess without having to act like one. After photographing my first wedding in 2008, I chose to specialize in weddings almost exclusively because even a hundred weddings later I’m in love with them! I have a passion for family, and there’s magic watching a new one created that chokes me up a little every time. Preserving your first family heirloom is an intimate honor I take very seriously. Plus, you’ve put a lot of effort into this celebration, and who doesn’t love a fun party?

I make your life easier because unlike the normal artist, I have a clue about running a professional business. With an AA in Business and working on another degree, a BS in Entrepreneurial Management from BYU-I, I know you, the customer, are always right. My role is to help you navigate the only time you’ll ever need to shop for wedding photography (I mean, I’d love the repeat business, but…hoping it’s the only time!) You want me to have patient confidence with no jargon or “I am an artiste” mystique. I offer my expertise from photographing weddings since 2008, making everything easy and convenient for you. I call my prices “Prices,” and not, “Investment.” I’m one less thing you need to deal with, providing professional phone calls (if you disregard all those kids in the background), courteous respect for you and your guests, timely invoices, detailed accurate estimates, professional sales with no sneaky upselling, and customer service. Oh, and I also like long walks on the beach.

My husband Troy has a BS in Business IT, and while he’s a pretty darn good photographer himself, his expertise means he runs the back end. Although he’s very likable (and kinda hot), you’ll probably never have to actually talk to him (or see him, sorry). He creates a customer experience for you to easily view and download your photos, create your albums, and gets everything delivered on time. Just remember, as parents of six we are busy, but we all know busy people get a lot more done! We work hard to take the pressure off you to conveniently create a tender, fantastic, fun wedding!





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Sara & Edwin |Backyard | Kyle Wedding Photography








Texas State University students Sara and Edwin celebrated their wedding with a lovely backyard reception in Plum Creek, Kyle, Texas. I love getting to know a bride and groom before a wedding because we can tailor their photography. My first opportunity to work with them was a family photo session, then their engagement session, and then their wedding. Her youngest sister and my oldest daughter became close friends throughout the process as well. Their intimate backyard gathering with family and friends was a perfect way to show their quiet devotion to one another, and set off Edwin’s sense of humor. I know they’ll take wonderful care of one another. Congratulations on your wedding, and best to you on your long, happy marriage together!

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Kristen & Chris | Casablanca on Brushy Creek | Austin Wedding Photography













Kristen and Chris were married at the gorgeous Casablanca on Brushy Creek in Round Rock on a warm February day. My last wedding before maternity leave was the perfect combination of casual elegance. The harp and viola music, the dignified Tex-Mex catering, the creek at sunset, and the variety of huge, open indoor spaces together with a beautiful couple and their friends created a timeless princess story.

I always get a kick out of seeing the photos we created for engagement and bridal shoots on display at the reception, on their blogs, or Facebook profile photos, and they had decorated many of the tabletops with vignettes of our sessions together. It’s always an honor being involved with a couple creating their first family heirloom from such a treasured part of their lives, helping remove the stress and capture the feeling of romantic fun and closeness around their wedding day. Thank you for having me as your wedding photographer…and engagement photographer…AND bridal photographer! It was an honor getting to know you better as you set off on this new journey together.

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