Krystal & Jessie | St Johns Catholic | San Marcos Wedding Photography

110430-wedding-photography-San-Marcos-TX-St-Johns-Catholic-Church-Hopkins-couple-front  110430-wedding-photography-San-Marcos-TX-St-Johns-Catholic-Church-Hopkins-couple-portrait 110430-wedding-photography-San-Marcos-TX-St-Johns-Catholic-Church-Hopkins-couple-groom-peeking-talking-on-phone 110430-wedding-photography-San-Marcos-TX-Hill-Country-Event-Center-reception-groom-family 110430-wedding-photography-San-Marcos-TX-Hill-Country-Event-Center-reception-garter-groom-strip-tease 110430-wedding-photography-San-Marcos-TX-Hill-Country-Event-Center-reception-details-centerpiece   110430-wedding-photography-San-Marcos-TX-Hill-Country-Event-Center-reception-cake-smash 110430-wedding-photography-San-Marcos-TX-Hill-Country-Event-Center-reception-bride-cake-face 110430-wedding-photography-San-Marcos-TX-Hill-Country-Event-Center-couple-hands-bouquet-rings

Oh, Jessie, you had me laughing as much as Krystal was, which makes taking photos difficult! When the camera wasn’t shaking with my mirth, I caught a few serious moments and especially enjoyed the intimate exchanges of tenderness when the two of you forgot we were watching. A beautiful ceremony at St John’s Catholic Church on Hopkins Street, complete with a broom jumping off the dais, was coupled with a reception at Hill Country Event Center in San Marcos with one of the sweetest toasts I’ve ever heard, given by the bride’s father.

The only sad part was driving home to Austin because I thought we would be moved into our new home in Kyle, TX near the venue in San Marcos, TX and that 45-minute drive felt a lot longer than the 15 I was planning on last fall when we booked. But who cares? We’ll get moved in soon enough, and I got such a kick out of attending and documenting your wedding as your photographer. Huge congratulations to you both, and you will certainly enjoy life together even more now that you are together forever. I look forward to running into you around San Marcos once we move.

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