You’ve probably never done this before, so I you also probably have a lot of questions about your investment for wedding photography. Through many discussions with my couples, other professionals and business experts, I’ve designed a streamlined process to get you gorgeous wedding art in a simple experience.

1. What do we do first?

There’s only 1 of me as I personally photograph all weddings I book (barring a rare emergency). So first, Contact Me to find out if your date is available.

2. You’re available! Awesome! We can’t wait to have you photograph our wedding! Now what?

Choose from the extensive variety of packages I offer (all 2 of them: I told you, I’m simple). Add on A la Carte products to build your perfect package if you already know what you want: if not, we can wait until after the wedding when you see your stunning photos! I’ll email a full price sheet for albums, digital files, and canvases so you can plan your final budget and send you an Estimated Invoice via email. We tweak that to fit your needs and budget.

Once the Estimate is approved, I email you the basic contract to print, sign, and mail with your non-refundable deposit (I’m not a jerk, I’ll work with you if there’s an emergency), to solidly book your date so I’ll tell everyone else getting married that day to bug off, I’m taken!

Use PayPal, your credit card, or a check by mail to submit your deposit or pay in installments: it’s up to you.

3. I signed, I paid the deposit. What’s next?

If your package includes a portrait session (engagement, bridal, boudoir, after honeymoon), let’s book it. That’s a time for us to get to know one another and customize your photos to reflect your personality as a new family. Keep in mind, if you need the photos for Save the Dates, Invitations, tabletop or reception decorations, to book it well in advance to get those products delivered on time.

4. We had our portrait session, and the wedding is coming up. How can we wait that long?

I know you’re excited, and that’s why I LOVE photographing weddings! Once your portraits are finished, I’ll send you a link to your online Proof Gallery within 10 days to 2 weeks. All images in the Proof Gallery are fully edited, but you may want some extra attention to your favorites. After completing reasonable retouching requests (or I can do unreasonable requests for an reasonable fee), you can download the files or submit your product order for Save the Dates, Invitations, or reception decor.

We’ll go over the final itinerary for your wedding day with your event planner. If you don’t have a planner, I can help create and keep the schedule moving along at a casual or Nazi pace, depending on how you want it. Just email me the final plan as soon as you have it.

5. When is our final payment due?

After the non-refundable deposit to book your date, the final payment is due before the wedding day. However, we can make arrangements to have the wedding planner or member of the wedding party remit payment on the day of the wedding before the ceremony by check or cash. We can pass off the envelope like a super-secret mafia deal from the jacket pocket of a tuxedo if you want.

6. What happens if you have a “rare emergency” and cannot photograph our wedding?

This is why I ALWAYS book a second photographer who drives in a separate car!

I’m a business person who loves what I do. Of all things to photograph, I fell in love with weddings and couples, and truly enjoy capturing your long-awaited day. I want to be your superhero! If my human side falls ill, my involvement in my industry provides me with a network of skilled photographers willing to act as back ups for one another. I will provide an equivalent photographer at no extra cost in addition to the second photographer, per our contract, and continue to handle all customer service after the wedding. Unless I’m unconscious from a car accident, I or someone we both trust will be at your wedding along with the second.

7. The wedding is over, what comes next?

After the wedding, your first Proof Gallery will be online in 10 days to 3 weeks. You’ll get an email with a link to view the gallery, and you can share it with your family and friends with no password needed. I deliver 300-500 images for a Deluxe package, and 150-400 for a Mini package. All images in the Proof Gallery are fully edited, but you may want some extra attention to your favorites. After completing reasonable retouching requests (or I can do unreasonable requests for an reasonable fee), we meet again in person or video chat to finalize the album design. Also, let me know your favorite image for the canvas included with every package.

8. What do I do with this Product Credit?

Since this is your wedding, I can’t pretend to know what products you really value. I want you to go home with actual products to remember your day, but only you know what’s important to you. A mini or full-size album? Extra copies? Digital files? To customize your package, choose products from the A la Carte list. Your product credit covers up to the amount of that credit, but I promise you can spend more if you really want to.

9. Are you going to upsell me during the Album Design consultation?

Of course! Not really. Your original Estimated Invoice and full pricing sheet help us communicate effectively before and after the wedding so you can either stick to your budget or go crazy. I respect my couples and care deeply about my business. I want your customer service to be top notch before, during, and after your wedding.

I design a 50-page, 100-layout large hardbound album in the style you prefer (digital scrapbook, classic, or sleek modern) to review during our final consultation. You choose only the pages you love. Extra copies or mini albums for parents, family, and friends, another canvas, or digital files: it’s up to you. I want you to have real, tactile products to display and touch, so I give discounts on digital files with your product order. Wedding albums and fine art have power, even years later, to strengthen a marriage.

10. Why do you do this? Why are physical products so important to you?

When I first started photographing weddings in 2008, I fell in love! I only offered downloadable digital files because that’s what people wanted, and it was less work on my part. However, years later, after the couples become my friends, they tell me they still have never gotten around to printing anything, creating an album, or displaying the images anywhere other than a social media folder. The same thing happened to me when I got married (an envelope full of 4×6 proof prints and film negatives), and it took years to get around to printing any artwork! I’m still working on it!

We’ve been there. Wedding photos prominently displayed strengthen your family like marriage therapy. That’s why we now include real products in our packages. We know couples WANT physical products to touch and reminisce, and want to order them close to the wedding when it’s easy and budgeted. What’s more, you NEED them to keep your vision of your marriage vibrant. I’ve been married nearly 20 years myself, and through the ups and downs, our children learning to understand their place in the family we created, don’t underestimate an album and fine art from your wedding hanging on your walls serving as reminders of the devotion to one another that keeps the marriage strong.

11. Do you offer any specials or discounts?

Yes! What good business person wouldn’t? We have some limited-time specials on the site and in our newsletter, in addition to our ongoing specials linked above, such as discounted portrait sessions (first anniversary, new baby, boudoir, family’s wedding) for business card handouts, free portrait sessions or wedding products if one of your referrals books a wedding or portrait shoot. In your Album Design Consultation, if you love wedding products, ask about discounts for ordering multiple items.

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