Jamie & Edward | Austin Capitol Barton Creek | Austin Engagement Photography







I love when a couple has an on-site professional hair and make up artist for the shoot! They not only look and photograph great (frequent powder=no shine even on humid, sweaty, Central Texas days), but lets me delegate worrying about flyaways, flattened curls, frizz, hair wrapped to sticky sweaty necks…you get the point. But in case not, I don’t have to worry about her lipstick coming off in all of those sexy kissing scenes that make engagement and wedding photography so emotional. Thanks to the groom’s daughter, Neysa, Jamie & Edward, you looked fantastic! She trotted around with us, even hauling some gear and props, to locations around Austin like Jo’s Coffee and S Congress (of “I love you so much!” fame), the Texas State Capitol, and the Barton Creek Greenbelt with its summer dry rock sculptures. You were great sports especially due to the last-minute emergency of your original photographer getting in a car wreck. Thanks for trusting yourselves to me, and I wish you all the best on your upcoming wedding this spring!

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Miriah & Hunter | Austin Texas State Capitol | Austin Engagement Photographer









Miriah & Hunter are in Austin together for just a short time before her parents move out of state. They had just enough time to squeeze in an engagement shoot during his visit. With the historic rains and flooding, we chose the indoor venue at the Texas State Capitol. It alternated between booming thunder and driving rain to clear skies and a rainbow! Check out my other favorites in their Sneak Peek. Best of luck to you for your wedding next December!

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Sneak Peek | Miriah & Hunter | Texas State Capitol | Austin Engagement Photographer



Miriah and Hunter are getting married out of state next winter, but while visiting her home town we were able to get their engagement photos done on a stormy night at the Texas State Capitol in Austin. When we got kicked out at 8pm, the sky cleared up with a sunset, pink clouds, and even a double rainbow. Then as we wrapped, the storm clouds rolled in again reminding me of a certain alien movie and the US Capitol!

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Kim | Texas State Capitol | Austin Bridal Photography






I’ve known Kim since she was about the age my oldest daughter is now. Seeing her step out of the restroom at the Texas State Capitol in downtown Austin dressed all in her white wedding gown was an other-worldly experience! I realized in a few short years that will be over after just blinking, my own daughter will be ready to be getting her bridal portraits taken in true Texas fashion with cowboy boots underneath that beautiful wedding dress. I can only hope she finds as much happiness as Kim has found with Landon that was so obvious after spending time with them during their engagement photography session. Thank you for letting me be part of this time in your life and share in your beauty and joy through my photography.

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