Amy & Thell | LDS Temple | San Antonio Wedding Photography





Amy & Thell were married on a mid-December day that felt like a gorgeous fall day at the LDS temple in San Antonio TX. They shared that beautiful wedding day surrounded by their children, grandchildren, and lifelong friends. As always with intimate family weddings I was honored to be included. They were so excited to finally be married it was a joy to watch! They followed up their wedding with a casual luncheon at a nearby restaurant where I captured the event and took family portraits for each of the grown children with all those adorable granchildren.

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Havilah & Ryan | LDS Temple | San Antonio Wedding Photographer





Ryan and Havilah were such a fun couple with a down to earth attitude that is a photographer’s dream. We met at the LDS temple in San Antonio for the wedding, with a reception near Dripping Springs, Texas the next day. Creative themselves, they used that to identify with me and were game to try anything. Their wonderful senses of humor and easygoing demeanor created a fantastic day, calming my nerves for my first wedding shoot. Thank you for asking me to be a part such a special occasion, and I wish you wedded bliss!

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