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110611-wedding-photography-Austin-Salt-Lick-BBQ-guests-Charlies-AngelsThis gorgeous couple definitely made the most of their day with some of the best silly facial expressions I’ve seen yet! Of course, only those that showed their intense devotion to one another that is the flip side of their intense senses of humor! During our consultation I asked if they wanted to forward any links to favorite wedding photos so I could get an idea of what they like, and Chris said, “We didn’t look at any other web sites but yours. Your personality had us hooked!” So my honest sarcasm for once hasn’t bitten me in the butt. When I met their friends I fit right in. A great laughing group with so many inside jokes like Charlie’s Angels and the “claw,” all the time they spend together was obvious.

They chose the beautiful outdoor Chapel Dulcinea in Driftwood, TX with a reception following at the Salt Lick BBQ Garden Room. Of course they were generous enough to feed me at my favorite restaurant. Best to the both of you on this next phase in your lives together, and thank you for having me a part of your wedding.

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Sneak Peek | Tara & Chris | Chapel Dulcinea Austin | Austin Wedding Photography



Sneak Peek of some of my favorites from Tara and Chris’s wedding today at Chapel Dulcinea in Driftwood near Austin, Texas. Beautiful summer weather, not too hot, with a gorgeous couple. Experienced actors, their boisterous, fun personalities came through with a lot of joking for such a laid back event. Definitely a model couple for staying chill, fun, up for anything I suggested for poses, with lots of ideas themselves. I’m looking forward to editing the rest of this session for their wedding.

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Kim & Landon | Salt Lick | Austin Engagement Photography








Kim is the daughter of some long-lost friends of ours (lost all the way in north Austin!) who made the trek to see me (all the way in south Austin) at the Salt Lick Cellars garden and vineyard in Driftwood, TX for an engagement shoot to her college sweetheart Landon. With a great easy-going attitude and dry sense of humor the shoot was a lot of fun, and a bit of a walk down memory lane. My oldest daughter is the age Kim was when she used to babysit for us, and suddenly I see how fast the time has flown! Congratulations to you both on your next adventure in life, and all that stress you gave your parents during your early teen years seems to have proven worth it. Can’t wait to see you in your dress for your bridal!

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Alex & Joaquin | Chapel Dulcinea Driftwood | Austin Wedding Photography





Alex & Joaquin shared a beautifully tender but monstrously hot wedding ceremony at the outdoor (in August=really, really hot!) Chapel Dulcinea south of Austin in Driftwood, Texas. Joaquin is faithfully serving his country and about to embark on his second deployment (military dress uniform=really, really hot!) A huge crowd for the small chapel of family and friends surrounded them, as well as their adorable son. Congratulations on the next step in your adventure together, and here’s to hoping it stays just as hot for years to come!

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