Cara & Josh | Chapel Dulcinea Driftwood | Austin Wedding Photographer



There’s a fantastic little outdoor chapel near my neighborhood I’ve been itching to shoot, Chapel Dulcinea in Driftwood, Texas, and this weekend I got a last-minute call to cover a wedding there. We didn’t do any posed shots, so this wedding was far more photo-journalistic than any others I’ve done. While I’m not ready to give up the posed romantic couple shots, the natural emotion expressed was great to capture, as long as my fingers were fast on the camera setting dials! A beautiful couple off to a beautiful start!

And speaking of a good start, I’ve been teaching my 10-year-old daughter, and she took this one with my D70 backup camera which I set up to AV mode, an 85mm prime lens, and my back up flash, which the bride ordered! Not bad!

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